For Weekly Game Jam 54. For some reason the audio in the browser version messes up and glitches sometimes. For best audio experience, please download either the Mac or Windows application. Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Made withUnity


Forget Me Not - 22 MB
Forget Me Not - 16 MB


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Following! Great Entry for a Game Jam!!

This game is absolutely ingenious! Simple graphic with simple mechanic and interesting gameplay! If you were to do something bigger with it I would definitely play it :) WAITING FOR MORE! 

haha thank you much! I'm glad you liked it a lot! Not sure if I will do something bigger with this, but it's nice to know someone would enjoy it. Thanks again!

Amazing concept and love the ghost mechanic and the puzzle designs most! Thoroughly enjoyed playing it. 


I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing!

That is a real cool concept. :D
The art is super cute, too. Amazing work!

Thanks! Appreciate the kind words

Cool game concept. I really love it <3

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it =)

Great fun - love the mechanics and music.  Really good ideas in this that could be developed into something really interesting. Nice work!

Thanks man! Always appreciate you playing and leaving good feedback!